Carrington Curriculum Vision

Our unique children deserve an inclusive, holistic curriculum that shapes them as confident, inquisitive and proud individuals. At Carrington, children know that they matter, they are important and that they bring something to this world that no-one else can.

Through purposeful, broad and rich experiences, we aim for every child to leave us with an empowered voice and a life-long passion for learning, equipped with the skills to go on and be compassionate and active citizens both locally and beyond.

We believe in an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum because children are empowered by knowing things. The specifics of what children learn matter and subject traditions are respected, providing the vital inspiration, challenge and confidence to determine their own future.

Writing Vision

Writing gives children the power to express their ideas and identity through the written word. As fluent writers, children can communicate their ideas and emotions to others with empowered voices, and through their reading, writing and listening, others can communicate with them.

The writing curriculum will offer the children the opportunity to see themselves as real writers; writing for a purpose and to an audience across a range of different genres that reflects our rich and diverse curriculum. Oracy is important and we will offer the children the opportunity to talk about what they are writing to refine their ideas through sharing, empathy and experience.

The curriculum will equip the children with a strong command of the spoken and written language so that they can write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style appropriately. Writing will link closely with the wider curriculum so that children can use a wealth of background knowledge to write fluently and with deeper meaning.

Writing Framework