At Carrington Primary School the safety of our children is our primary concern and we recognise that this also means a commitment to educating our children in ways to stay safe in the ever-changing world of technology.  It is our experience that this is best achieved by embedding e-safety across the curriculum, through a framework of effective policies and routes for reporting concerns such as cyberbullying.  Children in Years 1 to 6 have one e-safety assembly every half-term where we educate them on the responsible and safe use of the internet in many different forms.

Visit our policies page to view the school e-Safety Policy

Children’s mobile phones are not allowed in school unless there is an arrangement agreed between the class teacher and the child’s parents/carers. Should you need to contact your child during the day this can be done through the school office.

School devices such as iPads and laptops are rigorously filtered and monitored using specialist software to ensure that the content accessed on devices at school is safe and appropriate. See our Filtering and Monitoring Policy.

As well as supporting young people to stay safe online, we are fully committed to supporting the parents of our pupils with this very important skill at home. We regularly provide e-Safety advice and information on Class Dojo.

We recommend the following resource:

Safer internet website

Please speak to your child’s class teacher should you require any further advice or support.