The School Day

Drop-off and Collection

Our gates open at 8:20am and children can begin to line up in their classes ready to begin the day. Teachers greet their classes at 8:25am, ready to walk into school and begin the day at 8:30am.

Foundation stage

Parents/carers access foundation through the gate into the foundation outside area. Teachers will open the gate at 8:25.

Year 1

Parents/carers walk along the path that leads around the outside of the foundation play area, leading to the KS1 playground and year 1’s classroom. Adults will greet children at the door to the classroom.

Year 2 and KS2

Children line up in classes at designated points on the KS2 playground where teachers will greet them and walk into school.

The school day ends at 3:00pm – children are collected from the same location as drop-off.

Our typical school day

*Variations are made to the timetable by teachers to meet the needs of the children in each class.

**Children in the foundation stage have a different timetable





Daily assemblies take place to:

  • bring together the whole school to celebrate successes, instilling a pride in being part of our school
  • reinforce high expectations and principles of the school behaviour curriculum
  • offer a balance of ‘Windows and Mirrors’; broadening horizons whilst reflecting on and valuing our children’s cultural experiences within our diverse community

Learn more about our assemblies here:

Assemblies at Carrington


Foundation has free flow play. Key Stage 1 has a morning and an afternoon break. As the afternoon is short, Key Stage 2 only have a morning break.

The children can pay in advance for a slice of toast in the morning and Key Stage 1 have fruit in the afternoon. Older children can bring fruit from home.


Lunchtime starts at 12pm and ends at 1pm. The children eat their food and go out to play.  All children in Key Stage 1 are now entitled to a free school meal.

Walking home from school

Children in Years 5 and 6 can legally walk home from school without being accompanied by an adult.  Parents/carers must let us know if your child is in Years 5 to 6 and you are happy for your child to walk home without being accompanied by an adult.