Governor Impact Statement

Governor Impact Statement 2016/2017

Whole school aim
Enable and empower all members of the school community to achieve success
Governors’ role
The role of the Governing Body is an intrinsic part of the leadership of the school, although often unseen by parents and other community stakeholders. This impact statement is one way in which the Governing Body articulate their role in school leadership, the impact they have had on school improvement, and be transparent about their activities. The Governing Body is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers, who invest a huge amount of good will and hard work for the sole purpose of improving the education of every child in our school. The government expects governing bodies to be a dynamic group of highly skilled individuals who focus on supporting the head to shape the strategic direction of school. As governors we are accountable for the performance of our school; we are measured by three core strategic functions:
• Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic direction
• Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
• Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure the money is spent well
All members of Governing Body have received significant training. The impact of this is that the Governing Body are kept abreast of their responsibilities with regard to the latest requirements and expectations. Learning and actions from training are shared and implemented at Full Governing Body meetings.
Impact of Full Governing Body meetings
Each term Governors attend three committees: Finance, People, and Community Values and Standards (including data, SEND and Safeguarding). In addition, Governors attend a monitoring visit at the school, the purpose of which is determined by areas of focus on the school self-evaluation report, for example, meeting with the School Council, reviewing behaviour, or progress in books.
The impact of this is that governors understand the areas of strengths and weakness in teaching and practice within the school. This enables them to challenge the headteacher on how good practice within school is being shared for whole school benefit and how weaknesses are being addressed. The different sources of data enable us to triangulate information and ensure conclusions drawn from various sources are congruent.
Headteacher’s appraisal
The Governing Body carries out the head teacher appraisal annually. Several Governors have undertaken headteacher’s appraisal training and expert assistance was sought from an independent educational advisor through the Local Authority. The appraisal process allows us to look closely at the performance of the headteacher, have discussions about areas of strength and development in performance and set new targets against which the headteacher’s performance will be evaluated.
Further impact across the school
As Governors we celebrate the fantastic work around the school and provide challenge and support in areas that can improve as well as monitoring progress in all areas.
1. Nottingham City Trust – Governors made the decision to join the trust after looking at all options and in consultation with staff
2. Finance – Governors approved budgets across the year and fed into planning for the future in uncertain financial times; balancing prudence whilst ensuring children receive a broad and balanced curriculum, supported adequately.
3. Recruitment – Governors and the headteacher successfully recruited two new SLT members, and one NQT starting in September. Since joining the staffing team at Carrington, the two new SLT members have had a positive impact on the day to day running of the school and quality of learning and teaching.
4. Link Governors have each conducted a review including an indepth safeguarding review followed by a safeguarding audit from the Local Authority (as organised by the link governor), SEND (special educational need), looked after children and Health and Safety. A Pupil Premium link governor has also now been appointed.
5. Progress and attainment – data for all children across the school, including vulnerable groups, has been analysed. Data focuses on reading, writing and maths. Analysis is completed at varying levels, including year groups, classes, pupil premium, high ability and boys/girls. The impact of this is that governors are aware of how children are performing; where there are issues, challenging questions can be asked to ensure that any identified problems are addressed in a timely manner. This ensures that the Governing Body know throughout the year how the school is progressing towards the school priorities and targets. Many of our governors attended training on how to interpret data particularly focusing on the changes in curriculum and how data is collected in 2016.
Members of the Governing Body
Chair of Governors (Liz Hargrave)
Joint Vice Chairs (Michelle Orpen and Sophie Russell)
Parent Governors (Roger Nicholls, Warren Pearce)
Co-opted Governors (Gemma Morris, Fumen Irimiya, Sherin Buchanan, Deepak Bilakhia)
Staff Governors (Rachel Humphriss)
Associate Governors (Andrew Phillips, Adam Bevan)
Head Teacher (Christine Skeats)
Staff vacancy x 1 (to be appointed)
Parent Governor Vacancy x 1 (to be appointed)

Priorities for 2017-2018
1. Continue to visit school for meetings, monitoring visits and school events and ensure that all these as well attended with all governors contributing.
2. To ensure that governors have a good understanding of data, reports and policies to allow for confidence to question and challenge as well as to celebrate improvements and success.
3. Each governor to know what their role and responsibility within the governing body is and to be well equipped to carry this out.
4. To recruit, welcome and induct any governors new to the team. To make every effort to ensure that the make up of the governing body reflects the diverse nature of the school.
5. To work collaboratively within the Nottingham City Trust we have joined. Be open and inviting of new ways of working and to be up to date as well as be involved in the formation of the Trust and how we go forward together as a group of schools.
6. To be involved in and prepared for dealing with any issues as they arise such as recruitment, health and safety, Ofsted inspection; as relevant to the roles of the Governing body.