Discovery without limits …

At Carrington Primary School we believe that well-planned, imaginative and practical Science lessons stimulate a child’s curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do.

In our lessons:

  • Pupils are using all of their senses to enquire, explore and observe. This allows them to develop their scientific skills, ask questions and pose problems about themselves and their environment.
  • Pupils of all abilities are investigating and experimenting. These are encouraged in a fair way to try and answer questions posed by themselves and others.
  • Practical equipment allows pupils to understand concepts.
  • Pupils record their findings in a variety of ways as accurately as possible so that they can communicate them to others.
  • Pupils suggest conclusions/answers to their findings and pose further questions for investigations.

What do our pupils think?

Pupil questionnaires have shown that children are excited about Science lessons and feel that what they learn is really useful. They enjoy working individually or in groups.