Phonics and Reading in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

At Carrington Primary School we use a synthetic phonics programme based on ‘Letters and Sounds’.

In Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1, classes have a 20 minute daily phonics session. In this session, children initially learn how to blend and segment sounds alongside learning the letter sounds. As their Phonics knowledge progresses, children are taught how to represent longer vowel sounds using groups of letters e.g. ‘ai’ in ‘rain’, ‘igh’ in ‘light’. In years 1 and 2 children are taught alternative ways of representing the same sound and begin to be taught spelling rules.

For further information about learning to read through phonics you can visit:

Department for Education website.

Children in Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1 are given a Phonics-based reading book and a home/school reading diary. All books are banded into a progressive and cohesive scheme for the children to progress through. When children have finished the scheme, they become ‘free readers’ and are able to choose their own reading book from a range of longer books.