At Carrington Primary School we recognise that mathematics underpins much of our daily lives, and it is therefore of paramount importance to us to make sure that our children have the best possible grounding in mathematics during their primary school years.  Our maths curriculum is designed to develop children ’s knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts whilst enabling them to practise and hone skills and methods.  We aim to enable them to think critically and communicate their understanding as well as giving them opportunities to apply learnt mathematical skills in different contexts across the curriculum.   


Practical learning        Reasoning       Deepening       Understanding      Investigation

In our lessons:

  1. Pupils are thinking and reasoning. Pupils have opportunities to share learning and reasoning with working partners, groups and through whole class feedback.
  2. Pupils are applying skills fluently and efficiently & arrive at accurate answers.
  3. Practical equipment allows pupils to build mental models on which to hang their understanding of a concept.
  4. Pupils of all abilities are using images & practical resources to deepen their understanding when appropriate.

Years 1 to 6 have regular lessons in problem solving skills and also hold a termly ‘Maths and…’ theme week exploring links between maths and other topics such as art, enterprise and multiculturalism.

The key objectives that form our curriculum are outlined in the following documents:

Year 1 Maths Objectives Year 2 Maths Objectives Year 3 Maths Objectives Year 4 Maths Objectives Year 5 Maths Objectives Year 6 Maths Objectives


Maths links across the curriculum

Children have opportunities to apply mathematics within other subjects. This year, children at Carrington Primary have used maths in the following:

  • Data loggers used in science, requiring pupils to record numerical data and find averages (Y3)
  • Weighing and measuring when preparing ingredients (Y3 and Y6)
  • Healthy eating plate fractions (Y4)
  • Drawing timelines and sorting events chronologically in history (Y5)

Pupil voice interviews

Pupils’ voice interviews have shown children to be enthusiastic and driven to attain the higher challenges. They enjoy working both practically and from the appealing textbook:

‘Maths is one of my favourite subjects (Y6 child)

‘Maths is useful to me outside of school. One of the jobs I could have is a shopkeeper. (Y4)

‘When I am doing Maths with equipment I feel confident. (Y5)

‘I feel confident when answering questions in Maths.’ (Y1)

Hit the Button

Hit the Button

If you would like to work on essential facts at home, the ever popular Hit The Button provides a good starting point with tables, doubles, halves, number bonds and square number facts for both children and adults to enjoy.