Children will develop an understanding of chronology to ensure they can organise their understanding of the past. They will become successful historians by using primary and secondary evidence to create conclusions and opinions. Children’s understanding of their identity globally, nationally and locally will be developed throughout their time at Carrington. Curiosity and interest will be promoted and children will become active learners with an interest in history. Children will have a deep understanding of the golden threads in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the past. By the time children leave Carrington, we want them to be inquisitive and curious historians and have a deep understanding of the past. Children at Carrington will:

  • Develop an understanding of chronology
  • Become successful historians through the use of primary and secondary sources
  • Develop identity of self globally, nationally and locally
  • Develop a deep understanding of the golden threads and their definitions: Empire, settlements and myths, legends and religion

Coverage and progression details: