Curriculum Intent

At Carrington Primary School, the intent of our geography curriculum is that our children will have a deep understanding of the physical and human geography of their local environment and of the world around them. They will be curious and inquisitive about the people and places of the world and explore diversity whilst celebrating uniqueness.

We will deliver a curriculum that:

  • Facilitates a curiosity about the world and its people
  • Equips children with an understanding of diverse places, people, resources and environments around them.
  • Encourages children to explore their local environment and make comparisons to places around the world.
  • Allows children to build on prior learning in order to embed and further understand geography throughout their school career.



Our geography planning is carried out in three phases (long-term, medium-term and short-term). Our whole school progression map was collaboratively created in order to ensure there was a clear progression across all year groups and that all of the national curriculum objectives were covered.

We empower our staff to organise their own year group’s long-term, medium-term and short-term curricula under the guidance of subject leaders. Staff develop their own long-term plan for their year group, which identify when the different subjects and topics will be taught across the academic year and where meaningful links are made to other areas of the curriculum.


Curriculum Implementation

EYFS – In the foundation stage, geography learning primarily comes as part of the Understanding the World section of the Early Learning Goals (ELG). Children are supported in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that help them make sense of the world around them. Learning is supported with opportunities to explore and investigate their immediate and local environments.


Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 – In Key Stage 1 and 2, geography is taught following a progressive nature to ensure children are building upon knowledge and skills learnt in previous year groups. Topics are taught as part of half termly blocks with meaningful cross curricular links made, where appropriate, in order to immerse children in a topic and to develop vocabulary. As part of their geography learning, children are encouraged to explore their local environment and make comparisons with the wider world through describing, questioning and discussing.


Curriculum Impact

Our overall aim of geography teaching and learning at Carrington Primary School, is to produce well-rounded individuals by fostering curiosity about the world and by providing opportunities for children to expand their cultural capital and experiences of the world. This journey is evidenced and monitored through work in topic books and class portfolios.


Coverage and progressions details can be found in this document:   Geography Progression Document