Carrington Art progression

Art is a valued area of our curriculum, children learn key skills begin to develop creative thinking, important for future careers. We encourage artistic development from Nursery to Year Six. We regularly work with specialist providers and are currently involved with a three-year project to include an artist in residence for extended periods of time working on links between art and STEM subjects.

  • Our curriculum encompasses the objectives of the National Curriculum and there are 5 strands:
  • A study of quality artists from different times, paradigms and cultures
  • Paint and colour
  • Drawing Skills
  • 3D art and sculpture
  • Printing and pattern
  • Textiles

We build progression in understanding of:
• Colour
• Line and shape
• Light and shade
• Pattern
• Texture
• Use of sketch books to develop ideas.

Each class is expected to complete three projects with explicit art teaching across the year. Teaching in other subject areas may also allow children to apply artistic skills.
By the end of Key Stage Two children should have been introduced to a wide range of artists, comparing different styles. They will have had opportunity be able to draw 2D and 3D shape with increasing accuracy, use line and simple shading to give texture and highlight shape and form. They should be able to use a range of pencils with different levels of hardness, charcoal and pastels. In painting children have had experience of using different types and thicknesses of paint. They should be able to mix paint to create a range of different colours and shades, choosing the right skills for their projects. In printing, textiles, collage and 3D art children should have been introduced to a range of different materials and tools and know how to plan, make and evaluate projects.

Art Policy 22

Carrington Art progression Map Finished

Textile printing inspired by African art.

During Shakespeare week children in Year 6 used chalk to draw the three witches from Macbeth.

Year One have created a Lunar Garden with our resident artist