Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s education both at  home and in school. We have a home-school reading scheme and parents of children in F2 (Reception) are introduced to our phonics approaches too.

There are regular opportunities to be informed about your child’s progress in the form of open evenings and a formal report at the end of the school year. However, we have an open door policy and actively encourage more informal discussions before and after the main school day if you have specific concerns.

Homework consists of reading books and spellings at Key Stage One (5 – 7 years) and extension activities and individual research at Key Stage Two (7 – 11 years).  Topic related projects will be set over holidays and these are designed to give children a choice according to their own preferred learning style.  Such projects are aimed at being a collaboration between children and parents that brings learning home through a fun activity.

Please visit the class page for your child’s class to see which day their homework is given out.  Where possible, staff will post electronic copies of homework on their class page.