Foundation 2

Hi F2 children and parents, I hope that you are all doing well despite the world being a bit different at the moment. The link below will take you to some project work which you can do over the Easter holidays. However, as it is the holidays this work is entirely optional. You can also look on the ‘general online learning resources’ page which is at the top of the ‘classes’ tab for links to activities and websites. Look out for an email about connecting with ‘ClassDojo’. We will be using this after the Easter holidays as a method of communication. You will be able to use it to send messages if you have any questions about work and post pictures of children’s’ work.

Thank you for your support, Mrs Layton.

Easter holidays projects


Online recourses to help with learning at home:

To access e-versions of the ‘Collins big cat’ reading books, go to the address below. Be aware that these books are not all phonically decodable so children may need help with reading some words.

click on ‘teacher’

and enter:

Password  Parents20!
This website also has on-line reading books. You have to sign up but it’s free. When searching book types you can select ‘Phonics’:


For educational apps to use with your children at home, go to:


Guided Yoga through stories:

real PE at home – online learning resources

real PE at home includes an online programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme specifically for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 with 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity. This programme is also great for family play and fun.

It also includes a programme for children in Key Stage 2, with daily and weekly guidance provided for both programmes (starting from next week) in addition to an option to choose your own themes and activities.

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: carrington

Click here to view more information to support you including a user guide and FAQs.


This site is aimed at children who are visually impaired but it has some great ideas for using household objects to teach Maths:


Staff in Foundation 2

Mrs Layton

Miss Johnson


Children in Foundation 2 learn through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities. These include whole class (carpet time) and group activities as well as challenges that have been set for children to complete independently. The indoor learning environment is arranged in zones that include a writing area, a workshop and a Maths area. However, children can move resources from one area to another in order to complete activities. Throughout the day there are times when children have access to outdoor learning, including sand and water play.

Please click on the links below to find out more about how children learn and how learning is assessed in the Foundation Stage:



Our current topic is ‘Bears’.

Please click on the image below to see our learning overview for this half term:

Here are some photos of our fabulous work:

Making repeating patterns outside…

Making obstacle courses and timing ourselves sliding down the hill!

Art work inspired by the story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’:

Writing a name for our superhero base!

Reading Books

Children read with a member of staff or with our reading volunteer at least once every week. We change children’s reading books once a week or when they can read the book independently. Children need to bring their reading book and diary with them every day as we read throughout the week. It is important that children re-read books as this helps to develop fluency.

Click on the link below to find out how you can help your child with reading:


Our PE day is Tuesday.

We are always collecting:

  • Old clothes for our spare clothes box (especially socks and trousers)
  • Box modelling materials (clean, dry boxes, cartons, cardboard tubes (not loo rolls thank you), yoghurt pots, washing up liquid bottles, plastic lids etc.