Class 4

Class 4

Class 4 are taught by Miss Youde and the teaching assistant is Sarah Corkill

Back to school

I am so excited that next week and the week after you are all going to have the chance to come into school for four days! Next week it will be Newstead and Rufford and the following week it will be Wollaton and Clumber’s turn. Things in school will be a little different so have a look at this powerpoint to see what you might expect when you’re in school. If you have ANY questions or worries, please message me on dojo so I can answer them for you. I can’t wait to see you!!

What will coming back to school be like?

Home learning from Monday 13th July

Hi Team 4,

As some of you are coming into school over the next two weeks and some of you aren’t, the home learning is slightly different.

There is one folder with your home learning in for whichever week you’re not in school. This has Maths, English and Topic. If you are coming into school, do one of the topic lessons on a Friday when you’re not in school.

There is another folder with the same work that we’ll be doing in school in. This is only for people who are not coming into school at all to do in week 8 (20.7.20).

If you have any questions, please message me on Dojo.

Miss Youde.


Archived Learning

Here is the link to all of the previous learning we’ve done since the Easter holidays. Just in case you want to look back on anything or do something you didn’t get the chance to.


This half term our topic is quite an exciting one… it’s the digestive system and teeth! We will be finding out all about what happens to out food once we swallow it.

You guessed it… click the link to find your science


Each week choose 10 spellings to learn and then test yourselves or get an adult to test you the following week. Just like we do in school!

Check you know all of the words from list 1 before moving on to choosing spellings from list 2.

You can find both spelling lists here


MUSIC – The music service has extended the deadline for their Bathethandaza project.  Follow the link it you would like to be involved in the video!


Here is plenty of French for this term. There are lots of words, songs and other activities.  If you can do at least 30 minutes a week, that would be great. There are now 2 PowerPoints in this link.


I know this is all very different to how we’ve being doing it so PLEASE contact me on class dojo if you’ve got any questions, you’re not sure about something or just because you want to show me some of the BRILLIANT work you’ve been doing!!