Class 2




Class 2 are our Year 2 children.  They are taught by Mrs Humphriss and the teaching assistants are Mrs Landa and Mrs West. Mrs Flynn teaches Class 2 on Thursdays.

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Rachel Humphriss                     Elaine West


Tara Landa


Hello Team Two!

We are now working in a different way! Our learning journey together continues online.

We will be putting work onto this site for you to do at home. We understand that you might not have all the things you need, so just do the best job that you can.

Remember that you are AWESOME and we can imagine you all sparkling and shining from your homes!

It would be great if you could remember to keep going with your Mindful Moments and a great opportunity to share them with your families. We bet you can think of some even better ways to keep yourselves feeling calm and in control. We look forward to hearing all about it when we meet again.

Find some time every day away from screens to be creative, read, get active, play and have some fun!

It might help to make a routine each day. This might be starting the day with some exercise, remember Joe Wicks is leading a daily exercise session (9.00 Next you could do your English, then have a break. Follow that with the Maths work. You could then curl up with a book. If you don’t have access to a book at home, there are lots online. Then it’s probably about time for lunch!! After a break you could do the final piece of wider curriculum work.  Thank you to all those of you who are letting the people who care for you do their work. Lots of Mums and Dads are having to work from home now and if you can let them do that, it really helps everyone to do their jobs. Do whatever fits your family and works for you.

Finally, remember to put some fun stuff into your day – including playing! Keep sparkling Team Two and be kind to the people you live with !

This page can become very crowded!! To help you keep track and avoid becoming overwhelmed,  I am going to start deleting work on a Friday night.



Here is some more music ideas from the music service!  The music service has extended the deadline for their Bathethandaza project.  Follow the link it you would like to be involved in the video!

Week of 13th July

Hello Team Two. It was great to see the second group back in school last week. It has been really AWESOME to see everyone back in school! As we enter the last 2 weeks, the work on the  website is still there for you to do when you have time. By next week I will put any work that we have done in school on the website, so you don’t miss out if you are still working from home. When it is your turn to be in school, please bring some trainers, or sports shoes with you. If the weather holds, we will be doing some PE on the field, fingers crossed!

In the next 2 weeks we will try and finish term as  we would have done if things had been normal. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again and it would be great if we could have one last Zoom meeting with as many people involved as possible. If you have any days or times that are particularly tricky, please let me know so that I can try and find the day and time that most people can make.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Week of 6th July

Hello Team Two. If you were in school last week, thank you for making it a great week. It felt great to have some of our team back in school, we missed those of you not with us though. To those of you coming back this week, welcome back and hip, hip, hurray!! There is work in the usual files for those of you working at home. On Friday there is a separate dated file with some feel good Friday kind of activities. There is also a file with some ideas for outside learning. As always please get in touch using class Dojo if you have any questions. The work for this week is the same as last weeks work so that everyone has access to the same activities. If you are not in school on either week please continue with your diary work, try the maths option that you haven’t already tried and let me know if you have completed all of the topic and science activities. Remember there are also spellings to learn. Wherever you are we hope you have a great week.

Week of 29th June

Hello! This week we are welcoming half of Team Two back to school. The work we do in school will be different to the home learning. If you are at home this week, there is work for you in the usual places. If you are coming into school there will be different work as I will be able to teach you face to face again. Next week we will swap over, so over the 2 weeks you will have a chance to do both sets of work. On Friday there will be a selection of activities on a creative theme. They can be found in the Topic folder under the heading Friday. You can choose what you would like to do, the Outside folder is also there. Because we are coming back to school now, I will pause Zoom meetings until the last week when we will have one last get together of this academic year.

I will still be checking Dojo, but obviously not as frequently as we will be busy in class. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

I hope we get to see each other over the next few weeks, we are really excited about seeing you all again!

Friday 26th June

Next week, Team 2 will be in two bubbles that will be coming into school on different weeks. You should have had an email about which group you are in. This email also tells you all the arrangements for coming back.

f you follow the link below there is a PowerPoint that you can share to get ready for coming back to school. If you have

ANY question please send me a message through Dojo. No question is too small, and I will keep checking over the weekend. We want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible!



Here are your Maths choices.

Option 1 – This will always be new learning. Each day there is a video which teaches you the lesson and then an activity sheet which are the same as we’ve already been doing. To access this lesson you need to click the link

The work for this unit will be in a separate folder. Please follow the Option 2 links to find the work to go with this unit.

We will start from week 1, day 1 as we haven’t learnt any of these things yet!    WTS – You only need to do the first page but go further if you want to!  EXS – do both pages or as much as you can! Remember this is new learning so you will probably need to ask for adult help, just like you ask me for help in our lessons.

Week 10 lesson 1 – measure mass in grams
Week 10 lesson 2 – measure mass in kilograms
Week 10 lesson 3 – compare volume
Week 10 lesson 4 – millilitres
Friday –  No maths today. Follow the Topic link and activities are  in a folder labelled Friday.


Option 2 – This option is sticking to the way that we were doing maths before the Easter holidays. To find these resources you follow this link.


In the English folder you will find the lessons for the week and a reading comprehension for Monday. This week we will be focusing on writing our diary. There is no English on Friday, instead look for activities in the Topic link in a folder labelled Friday.


In this folder you will find last weeks spellings and also a list of words to develop weekly spellings that are bespoke to individual children. More details are available within the file..


In this folder you will find 3 lessons, one a day for 3 days. We are joining together with the rest of school for a topic on the Olympics. There are a range of activities covering Geography, history PSHE and art. It would be a good idea to look at the 2 time capsule lessons early in the week as they are more project based. I thought it might be a nice idea to record this strange and very different year by making a time capsule. This may take you longer than the usual lessons, so dip in as suits you. Friday will be a craft and design based day with 3 activities to chose from. They can be adapted to suit you.


This folder has  the last weeks lessons and this weeks.



have found a link to the Oxford Reading Tree website. There are lots of free eBook’s to read at all levels. Not all include Biff and Chip! There really does look to be something for everyone here. They are also advertising books to buy, but most of the eBook’s are free! Definitely worth a look if your child has exhausted the reading material in your house! Hope you find this useful.

This is a music podcast the children might enjoy.  There are quizzes they can do at the end of each episode.

David Walliams Marvellous Musical Podcast

Some of you may be aware that David Walliams is reading a story every day at 11.00. Below is the link, I plan on having my morning break at this time and listening in. It will remind me of sharing Mr Stink together earlier in the year.

Joe  Wicks, the body coach is running a PE session every morning between 9 and 9.30 on his YouTube channel – looks like loads of fun. We could all join in, if we can and still  feel connected!


Keep moving and practise your times tables with Super Movers.


You should be able to carry on with Rodocodo using your school logins.


You can also keep up with Times Table Rock Stars.


This BBC English game is lots of fun and you can play it as many times as you like. Monty (my big, ginger cat, has had a go and he loves it!)

Give it a go and have fun.