Foundation 2

Foundation 2 are our Reception children.  They are taught by Mrs Cullerne-Bown and teaching assisstants: Mrs Krishnakumar, Miss Johnson, Mrs Howard, Mrs Corkill,and Miss Tabreham.



Children in Foundation 2 learn through indoor and outdoor activities. The learning environment is arranged in zones that include a writing area, a workshop and a Maths area. However, children can move resources from one area to another in order to complete activities. For example, they can take pencil caddies to the mud kitchen to write menus. Throughout the day, children select their own resources and work independently on activities that they have chosen (child-initiated learning). Children also work with adults on pre-planned activities. During the day children have opportunities to work with children from the Foundation 1 class.

Please click on the links below to find out more about how children learn and how learning is assessed in the Foundation Stage:



Here are some photographs of the fantastic learning we have been doing:

web 1

Taking turns at scoring goals

web 2

Building together with magnetic polydron


Writing menus for an outdoor cafe


A mud kitchen potion recipe!


Writing labels for a den


A toy shop with price tags


Cutting fruit to make smoothies


Finding a way to make a pond


Programming bee-bots


We change children’s reading books once a week. Children need to bring their reading book and diary with them every day.


Our PE day is Friday.

We are currently collecting:

  • Old clothes for our spare clothes box (especially socks and trousers)
  • Box modelling materials (clean, dry boxes, cartons, cardboard tubes (not loo rolls thank you), yoghurt pots, washing up liquid bottles, plastic lids)

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