Foundation 1

In Nursery you will always receive a warm welcome as we love having visitors! Please remember that as well as catching us before or after a session, if you would like Mrs Cullerne-Bown’s undivided attention, we can book a mutually convenient time upon request.

Our Topic is Super Heroes/People who help us. We’ve had a hospital, a vets’ surgery and now a fire engine in our role play area recently and the children are very enthusiastic about saving the world so who knows what will come next?


Children in F1 learn through both indoor and outdoor activities. The learning area is arranged in zones that include mark making (writing), reading den, maths, role-play (both domestic and whatever the children are interested in at this time), malleable (crucial for finger strengthening), ‘small world’, construction, workshop, sand, water, mud kitchen, building and climbing, and a sensory garden. The children are encouraged to choose their activity, select their resources and tidy up when they finish. This encourages their independence with inspiration, practical help and careful guidance given when necessary or requested. Children also work with adults on pre-planned/ targeted small group activities indoors and outdoors.

They have just planted out some flower shoots and onions in our sensory garden which they grew themselves with Mrs Greenfingers-Mighten. It was amazing to watch how fast the green shoots appeared from the bulbs! The children were delighted. Now we need lots more sunshine…and just a little rain!

Phonics & Reading

Reading to your child and sharing books together at home is essential and their love of stories and books will be enhanced greatly by it. If you have really enjoyed a book together at home please send it in with your child for us to read (if you don’t mind) as they love to have their story shared with the class. We recently had a story time where they were the ‘teacher’ and they were BRILLIANT! One by one they took the opportunity of sitting in the chair and ‘reading’ us their chosen story. It was delightful and they were very accurate in their re-telling!

Bring A Bag…

Thank you for remembering your child’s bag each day with spare socks, change of clothes and wellies. We see the progression in their independence most during the Winter/Spring as they change out of soggy socks and trousers after playing in the mud kitchen or water tray. So take heart there is a story behind every change of clothes and it mostly involves some deep investigative learning.

Rain does not slow us down.

Rain does not slow us down. This is a car wash.

We are always collecting:

  • Clean, dry boxes, cartons, cardboard tubes (not loo rolls thank you), yoghurt pots, plastic bottles, lids
  • Old towels – these have so many uses!
  • Donations of socks for our spare clothes box
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Best wishes

The Foundation Team

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