Class 5

World Book Day Picture


Class 5 are our Year 5 children.  They are taught by Mr Bevan and their teaching assistant is Miss Henry.  On Fridays the children are taught by our Maths leader, Mr Hawkins.

Your children are very important to us and we are committed to providing a happy, safe and fun environment in which to nurture the children to reach their full, rounded potential. Please feel welcome to come to talk to us about any concerns you may have, ask questions or to share any information you may feel we need to know, in order to for us to work in close partnership for your child.


Dates for Your Diary – 

  • 12.5.17 – International Food Evening
  • 19.6.17 – Assessment Week
  • WB 19.6.17 – class trip for lunch at Cosmo
  • 1.7.17 – Summer Fayre
  • 7.7.17 – French Café Trip to Watermeadows
  • 10.7.17 – School Play Performance week
  • 20.7.17 – Sports Day

PE – This term, the children will be working with Lloyd from Nottingham Forrest on a Thursday, and doing gymnastics with Mr Bevan on a Tuesday.

Spellings –  Spellings are given out on a Monday and will be tested on the following Monday.  We will be starting to use our new spelling program – Words Their Way.

Online maths homework –  New homework is will be available every Friday! . If you have any problems please let me know and I’ll do my best to resolve them.

MATHS CHALLENGE SHEETS COMING HOME EVERY FRIDAY! Children will be bringing home their Learn it’s! challenges. We are spending 10 minutes every day reinforcing and learning number bonds plus multiplication and division facts. This is fast and fun. Please see the Maths page for more details.

READING – Please ensure that your child brings their reading book and reading diary into school every day. We expect all children to read at least 3 times a week. The children can read to themselves and should fill this in, in their reading diaries.  It would be also be great for the children to read to parents, carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who will listen!

Homework – We are having a big push in class 5 on grammar and punctuation. This week’s homework is to complete the Ancient Greece artefact project as well as finding out any information about Greece



We’re learning how to have a healthy heart with the British Heart Foundation



Today we went for lunch at Cosmo in Nottingham. We had a fantastic time and all ate FAR to much!




Have a look at your childs Dojo account on the Class Dojo website using the code you been given.




We’ve had some fantastic artefacts made by members of our class – amazing!


This terms Topic Web

Year 5 2016 - 2017 Summer term 2 topic web

St Ann’s Community Orchard

We had a fantastic time at St Ann’s community orchard yesterday.  The sun was shining and we couldn’t have been happier!

CIMG3623 CIMG3624CIMG3642 CIMG3654 CIMG3664 CIMG3671 CIMG3683 CIMG3701 CIMG3709 CIMG3740 CIMG3750 CIMG3773 CIMG3771

Spring 2nd half

We have had a great half term, thank you for all of the support and lovely things you had to say at last night’s parents’ evening.

Red Nose day

It’s great to see so many of class 5 supporting red nose day with a non-uniform day.

We have had out Spring music festival this week and the whole of class 5 have been involved.  I was very proud to see so many of our class performing and demonstrating their incredible skills.

Year 5 2016 - 2017 Spring term 2 topic webWorld Book Day Picture

Today is World Book Day!

Well done to everyone for your amazing outfits and costumes! 

WOW! We made over £250 on Enterprise Day last half term and over £170 in profit.

What a fantastic achievement.

When we add this to out profit from French Café we have nearly made £400 this year!

Welcome to 2017



Behaviour System

Yesterday Class 5 devised our own behaviour system.  We started by identifying all of the positive behaviours that we like to see in our class.  We then discussed the impact of these positive behaviours and how they made us feel.

After this we then worked on the negative behaviours that we might see in our class.  We discussed the impact of these behaviours and then tried to group them according to the size of the impact that they have.  After this, we worked out what the consequences for each of the groups of actions should be.

I have attached this below.

Behaviour consequences chart A3 coloured

Behaviour consequences chart – coloured



Extended writing for Wednesday 25th January

Talk Homework – term 2 week 3 – light at the end of the tunnel story continuation

Tonight’s talk homework is to discuss the events that follow on from this picture.

The children will need to write about where the story is set, who the characters are where the tunnel leads to and why the characters are walking down it.  Please continue from the story opening below.

Unfortunately, they had to leave!  They didn’t want to, but they had to.  The long tunnel ahead of them loomed like a nightmare that they could not wake up from.

As Stewart looked up at his Mother, who was young, beautiful and brave, he felt the nervous butterflies in his stomach start to disappear.  Fear was starting to turn to excitement!  He looked all around him and took in the sights for the very last time.  He felt he would truly miss the trees, flowers and animals of the world he was leaving behind.  He would never feel the rough worm touch of the bark.  He would never hear the beautiful song of the birds.  He would never smell the dew on the grass first thing in the morning.

At least he had his mother.

Slowly, Stewart, who held tightly to his mother, stepped forward towards the tunnel, which would take him to his new home.  He was certain his life would never be the same again.

Suddenly darkness surrounded them both.  They stepped forwards following the slow descent of the tunnel towards the distant glimmer of light.  Towards their new lives!



What a fantastic morning…

In class 5 today we have held the trial of Matthew Weeks.  He was arrested and hung for the murder of Charlotte Dymond back in 1844.

After a very intense session we, as a jury, found Matthew to be innocent of Charlotte Dymond’s murder.

Reuben, Astrid and Leon played the role of Matthew and all other members of the class played the roles of different witnesses in the case.  We all acted for the defence and prosecution, asking questions of the witnesses to find the truth.

DSCF7033 DSCF7032

This week have have been learning about recycling across the whole school.  We had an activity on Friday morning where we learned about how to make recycled paper – we even had a go!

DSCF7003 this one  DSCF7005  DSCF7012  DSCF7019

The children have surprised me yet again with their incredible creativity for their Holiday Project.

It is going to make an incredible display and lead us into some very interesting discussions about the suitability of different materials for different jobs based on their properties!

DSCF7034 this one DSCF7033 this one

This week we have started working on some work base around Narrative poetry and we have particularly focused in on The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond.  The children have been really enthusiastic about this and learned sections off by heart.  We even managed to make an audio recording of the poem…







The children have had a fantastic time bowling today.  There were some fantastic scores!


CHRISTMAS PARTY We will be bowling on Thursday 15th December and have our class party when we return. Please see letter for further details bowling-letter

We are looking forward to seeing the children coming dressed as elves on Friday 16th December.

Christmas is nearly upon us

This week we will be taking year 5 and 6 bowling.

This will be on Thursday afternoon before our party.

Friday is elf day – a day to dress like an elf and make Christmas themed items all day.


French Cafe

Take a look at our fabulous menu – french-cafe

The year 5 children continue to work really hard on their entrepreneurial  ventures every Thursday afternoon. So far we are up to over £45 profit towards our meal out at the end of the year.

In Maths this week will be playing games to help us to learn our times tables – here is the link to some of the games we will be playing –







CLIMBING WALL – 17.11.16


The children all had the chance to use a climbing and abseiling wall which has set up on the playground this morning. The children were fantastic and all really enjoyed the challenge.

Thank you to Mrs Cogdon for organising this free session for us.

dscf4836 dscf4837 dscf4839 dscf4840 dscf4841 dscf4843 dscf4845 dscf4846 dscf4848 dscf4849 dscf4851

We have started learning about space and the children are using different fruits to model the sizes of planets and distances between them out on the playground with Mr Grain as I type.

I have attached the new topic web from this half term and will send it out tonight as well –




What a fantastic Day!  the children have really supported Children in Need to day with their dressing up in PJs.  They were obviously very interested in the cake sale too!


Next half term our topic will be based around science.

We will be learning about space and planets as well as different forces.

For your Half term homework please make a model of one of the planets from our solar system or compile a report about one of the planets. Hopefully we can make these into a fantastic display.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Mr Bevan


Wow – what a busy first week back after half term!

We have been learning about classic fiction and reading the Jungle Book.  We have been looking at the different language used and trying to make it more understandable.

We have also been learning about different Maths from different areas of the world in our Multicultural Maths week, including Chinese fraction reduction, Dreidel games and Roman Numerals.

This week we have had out first French Cafe of the year – what a success!

All of the children in year 5 were fantastic and we made a fabulous profit of over £16!

The children in Team 5 have earned their first reward of the year as they filled up their marble jar – we watched Zootropolis and ate popcorn and crisps.  A very well earned treat after their incredible dedication this term.

Thank you to all of the Parents who came to see me on Parents’ evening – I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all.


We all had a wonderful time at Ravenstor and the children were a delight to take. They were encouraging and supportive and applied themselves to challenging activities with enthusiasm and a determination to succeed. Without exception, every adult who worked with our children commented on how lovely and well behaved they were. We are really proud of them all.

Ravenstor Youth Hostel.

We climbed over and through some stunning rock formations.


The views overlooking Derbyshire were stunning.

We panned for gems as well, finding precious stones in the process.

We canoed in Cromford Canal.

Before the end of the trip, we visited Chatsworth house. They had a brilliant section of animals for the children to enjoy.

What a great trip!