Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

We are Year 3 children and we are taught by Mrs Humphriss and our teaching assistant is Mrs Corkill on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Mrs R Humphriss (Year 3)                                  Mrs S Corkill (year 3 and 4)

Mrs R Humphriss     (Year 3)                                                 Mrs Corkill (Year 3 & 4)


In class 3 our PE days is  TUESDAY and  we go swimming on WEDNESDAY. Please make sure that PE kit is in school on these days and is suitable for  the possibility of going outdoors for PE. Children especially need trainers for outdoor PE.  Remember that long hair needs to be tied back too


Spellings are  given out on a THURSDAY and need to learnt ready for a test the following week. There are no spellings coming home this week (21-7-17)

Online maths homework. 21-7-17 This week there is no maths homework.

If you have any problems with online maths homework please let me know and I’ll do my best to resolve them.

HOMEWORK 21/7/17 – No homework this week, look out for summer homework coming soon!

ancient egypt dress up day

Friday 21st July

Today has been our Ancient Egyptian theme day. We have all dressed up as Ancient Egyptian’s and all of our work today is based around this time.


Friday 14th July

We have had a great week in class 3 this week. We have used our enterprise week money to sponsor a jaguar through WWF and with the money left over we have joined forces with class 2 to hire an inflatable assault course! Great fun was had by everyone, unfortunately we only have a few photographs as there was so much bouncing that most were blurred!!

DSCF7982   DSCF7976



Friday 7th July

We have settled back into class brilliantly after the excitement of last week. Here are some pictures of our Egyptian clay tablets that we have made.



Friday 30th June

What an amazing week this has been! We have been on 2 trips and Class 3 have shown the best of themselves as usual. You may have seen some pictures from the Community Orchard on Class Dojo, More to follow on this site soon! What has impressed me most about the last 2 days has been the children’s care for each other, teamwork and positivity. WELL DONE CLASS 3!







Ask your child why I have included a picture of a goose!!

Community Orchard

DSCF7659       DSCF7910





Friday 23rd June

We have had a very busy week with lots of hard work and Eid celebrations. Today we made a box decorated with Rangoli patterns, made sweets to go inside and had a fabulous drumming session.

DSCF7881         DSCF7884

The children have been really motivated by our new reward system called Class Dojo. If you have not already downloaded the app, it’s a fast, fun way of keeping in touch with all of your child’s achievements. If you have lost the login details, you can search for Class  Dojo, find Carrington School and follow the links.


Friday 16th June

We have had a great week this week investigating angles, lines and writing fabulous poems. Feel free to pop in to the classroom and read some of our amazing work.

Friday 9th June

Well done on a great week first week back! Special mention should go to George, Naziat, Devan and Vilija who are starting to swim with increased confidence!

In Maths this week we have been investigating different ways of subtracting, which everyone has worked really hard on. In English we have been using adjectives, adverbs and alliteration. Next week we hope to have some poems ready to publish.

We have also had great fun learning about healthy eating and have created our own meals out of modelling clay. Here are some of healthy meals.

DSCF7848     DSCF7864


Friday 26th May

This week has been Maths and Art week at school. We have been solving Maths problems in an artistic way.  We have been investigating straight lines, by changing where we put straight lines, we can make them appear curved.  We have used many Mathematical skills including measuring, looking at angles and thinking about shape. Here is a picture of our work.


Today the students from NCN have performed a musical piece of theatre for years 2 and 3. It was an excellent performance that made us all think about friendship and what being a real friend entails.

DSCF7823      gg

Friday 19th May

We have had a fabulous week planning and writing the first draft of our own adventure stories. We have used ideas from Feargal Fly to inspire us. Watch this space for some examples of our great writing! Our Maths this week has been based around estimating and adding. We have used different methods to add different things and we have worked hard to understand how we can make a sensible estimate.

Well done to everyone for a really hard working, focused week.

Friday 5th May

We have had a great week investigation plants. Our sunflower seeds are beginning to grow and we have made some amazing discoveries about the job of the stem. Ask us about how the stem helps plants to survive.


We have used role play this week to imagine we are different characters in Feargal Fly. It has really helped us to think about what motivates the characters and why they might have stolen the missing diamond!


Friday 28th April

We have had a great week investigating the conditions seeds need to be able to grow. Our findings surprised us! Ask a member of class 3 to tell you more.

DSCF7696        DSCF7706


Friday 21st April

A huge well done to all of class 3 who went swimming on Wednesday this week. Everyone gave 100% and we are now looking forward to starting our sessions and improving our skills.

We have reviewed our composters this week and are ready to begin our new topic of Nature Detectives, where we will be planting seeds and investigating conditions for growth.



Friday 31st March

What a great last day of term we have had! This week we have designed and made pencil cases and today they should be coming home.

Here are a couple of examples.

DSCF7604     DSCF7591

We have also enjoyed seeing each other perform in the Easter Entertainment. Well done to everyone who was brave enough to show us their talents. Here are Laurie, Abdullah, Owais and Sahil  telling some very funny jokes! Emma and Martha put on a puppet show for us and Evan played the piano.

DSCF7610     DSCF7646 DSCF7629

Thursday 23rd March

As part of our work on Sikhism we have visited the Gurdwara on Nottingham Road today. The people there made us very welcome and our children were magnificent! It was a fantastic visit and the children learned a lot from it. Here are some pictures of us at the temple.

DSCF7523     DSCF7519

Thursday 16th March

We have come to the last session in our 4 week tennis course. All the children have made great progress and had a lot of fun along the way!

DSCF7503     DSCF7508

Tuesday 9th March

On the 9th March we took our place at St. Mary’s Church in Nottingham and joined with 9 other schools to perform The Earth Project. The children were amazingly well behaved and sang with real passion and enthusiasm. They have learned more about being Superhero’s who can work together to preserve our wonderful planet.

DSCF7467     DSCF7461

Friday 3rd March

Today we have celebrated World Book Day! Thank you for all the effort everyone has put into costumes, they have has brightened up a wet, gloomy day! In class we have discussed our favourite books, made bunting inspired by our favourite books, designed our own book covers and written our own blurb to entice others to read our book choices!

The day that has generated lots of excitement and enthusiasm for reading.

Class 3 celebrate World Book DAy


Our model volcanos are ready for Monday when they will be erupting! Here is a picture of them being made.


Today was eruption day! We had great fun erupting our volcanoes in the garden. We then wrote a set of instructions on how other people could make a volcano of their own.



Wednesday 11th January

This morning we have had a great session thinking about the importance of reducing, repairing, reusing and recycling things. As part of this session we have made mini composters out of plastic bottles. We have layered different materials and are going to observe what happens to them over the next few weeks. The children really enjoyed this activity and I’m sure they would love to tell you about it in more detail. Ask your child about the special ingredient that went into our composters!

dscf6956          dscf6959

We have been doing some work on data logging. This has involved using sensors to measure light, heart rate and temperature and then to create graphs based on the measurements we took. We had a great time and have learned a lot about how sensors can help us in real life.

DSCF7039        DSCF7049       DSCF7043

Thursday 26th January

As part of our work on world religions we have visited St John’s Church today. We were made very welcome and the children behaved beautifully. It was a really good opportunity to look inside a church and explore!


Monday 30th January

We have been focusing on dance in our P.E. sessions this half term and this week we tried some traditional country dancing. We all had a lot of fun and managed not to get ourselves in a tangle!

DSCF7122    DSCF7120   DSCF7124

We would like to thank  Miss Blaxley for all of her hard work in class 3.  As you will know she is a 3rd year Primary Education student from Nottingham Trent University, who will be working with us for the next few weeks.

Week beginning 6th February

What an amazing week we have all had, culminating on Friday afternoon’s Carrington Department Store !. It has been enterprise week in school and class 3 have been busy researching,  designing , making and costing our products. This has included using computers to design and make our own mugs, designing and making photo holders, biscuits, a joke book and planting bulbs in pots to sell. The children have been involved in all the decision making this week. We also made a set of skittles and ran our own game in the hall. The children have decided prices for their products based on the cost of making each item and how much profit they want to make. We also designed adverts to encourage people to visit our class and buy our amazing products. On Friday afternoon,children advertised our photo booth by wearing some of the accessories around school . It has been an incredibly valuable experience for the class and has generated real excitement and purpose to our learning. After the half term holiday, we will decide what to spend our profits on, although the children have decided that they would like to contribute some money to charity.

Here are some pictures of our enterprise week.

      DSCF7218     DSCF7227

DSCF7346                DSCF7226

Thursday 9th February

We have taken part in a brilliant Viking workshop run by Nottingham University. The children had a great experience and history was very much brought to life for them. We investigated local Viking place names, Viking burial, Viking runes and weaponry. The children were once again a credit to themselves and Carrington School.

DSCF7283     DSCF7298

We are on the playground at the end of the day, so please feel free to pop over if you have any questions.